Please find below a list of frequently asked questions. In case your question is not included, please reach out to info@elburgsmit.com.

Where can I find the shipping costs?

Shipping costs will be automatically calculated in your shopping basket.

How can I order my POS?

Please find below an instruction video of the ordering process of this web shop. Go to the page of the brand you would like to order POS material for. Select the desired items, add these to your shopping basket and finish the ordering process. Please find here an instruction video of the ordering process of this web shop

Where can I find the shipping costs?

Shipping costs will be automatically calculated in your shopping basket.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping costs are based on the weight and size of the package and destination. We have a contract with a distributor to guarantee the lowest prices possible. Based on a specific formula, our system automatically calculates your shipping costs.

Does Elburg Smit deliver throughout Europe?

Yes, Elburg Smit delivers throughout all of Europe. Please note that prices can differ per country.

How do I install the POS items on the CC trolley?

Click here for a video which explains how to install the items on the cc trolley. Your package consists out of a headboard, 3 front strokes and 2 side banners. The video explains how to attach these items.

How can I see the specifications like size and type of material?

Please find the specifications of the materials on the item page.

Is there a possibility to include my own logo on the label?

Yes, if you want you can include your own logo on the label. Please upload your logo to your profile and fill out the article page of the requested label.

Why are timeframes mentioned per brand when I want to order POS material?

Timeframes are mentioned per brand to keep costs as low as possible. When you order outside of the timeslot we cannot guarantee the lowest prices.

What is the plant passport and is it obligatory?

As per December 14 - 2019, the propagating material of many crops must be accompanied by a plant passport. The passport is an official document that is required to certify the phytosanitary status of your material and in order to trade the material within the EU. 

Am I obliged to order labels including a plant passport?

No, you are not obliged to order labels including a plant passport. If you would not want to use this, please leave the fields blank.

How do I pay for my order?

An invoice will be sent automatically after your order. Elburg Smit is using a 30 days payment term. In case of any questions, please contact syngenta@elburgsmit.com.

Who can I contact with questions or concerns?

In case of questions, you can contact Elburg Smit’s Customer Service via syngenta@elburgsmit.com or by phone on +31 (0)252 261 335.

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